EACH STORE SECTION HAS IT'S OWN FINANCES RESPECTIVELY. This means our system will allocate income from clients to the correct store section for distribution. The BASE formula for breaking down finances for all store sections in the Crooklyn Clan Vault is as follows:

GROSS INCOME - All funds coming into the entire website.

Deduction - 20% (Paypal, Site Expenses, Original Works, SRAS Payout Banks) - This covers Paypal fees, partial development costs, and monthly maintenance for the entire website as well as the distribution bank for original works rights holders.

The remaining 80% of all funds is then converted to 100% and split 50% Store / 50% Editor Banks.

A UNIQUE DOWNLOAD is when a track is committed to a client library whether by instant download, or adding the track to their library. The track will only count as a unique download a single time for each client that downloads it. This means each unique user account that downloads a track can only credit that track as a unique download a single time no matter how many times that user account downloads that track.. Read on for a better understanding..
Each unique download a client commits to their library is attached to a customer record, email address, Paypal account, and more. This makes it extremely difficult for editors to cheat the system without providing entirely new member accounts, and paying for another subscription or credit package for each. Once a track is added to a client library they will have "always-access" to that track making it impossible for a client to purchase or "commit" the same track more than once. Tracks downloaded by Editors, or by FREE ACCOUNTS of any kind are automatically excluded from all accounting for all sections of the Crooklyn Clan Vault.
The total number of unique downloads acquired by all of the Editors combined in a calendar month is calculated as "100%" of the total downloads for that month. The total sum of money going into the Editor Bank in a calendar month is calculated as "100%" of the total Editor earnings for that month. Editors are paid based on the percentage of total downloads they have in a single accounting period. If the Editor acquires 22% of the downloads, the Editor gets 22% of the Editor Bank.


The number of downloads each Editor has acquired throughout the month is converted to a %percentage of the total downloads to determine the payout amount for the Editor.  The percentage of downloads is equal to the percentage of money from the Editor bank. That's it.
Editors that earn $10 USD or more will be issued a payout. If you haven't earned $10 USD or more your payout will be held until you have accumulated at least $10 USD, then issued in the month-end payout.
Quotas are in place to ensure productivity and consistency.The quotas are easy to meet, that's why if we choose you as an Editor we expect you to meet them.
For each "Service" an Editor contributes to, they will receive a monthly payout for their work bearing they satisfy the upload quota for that service. Before an Editor satisfies the quota in a calendar month for any service, the Editor will not be able to view financial statistics on their downloads for that service in that month.

When an Editor satisfies the upload quota for any service, their download earnings for that entire month are activated, and become available in the Editor Accounting Section for fast, easy review.

The Editor will always have the ability to see what position they hold on the charts at all times whether or not the quota has been satisfied.

If an Editor does not satisfy quota in a calendar month, the Editor is excluded from the payout for that month. This does not mean the Editor can no longer edit for the Crooklyn Clan Vault,  it just means that they missed quota for a month and forfeited earnings for that service, in that month respectively.

Unique downloads are always counted toward the Editor download totals overall and will reflect in the Editor standings on the charts whether or not quota is met.
This is an automated process and cannot be changed or reversed once a calendar month has closed and a new one has begun.
15 unique edits per month / 60 MAX publish per month
8 unique edits per month
40 edits per month/250 MAX publish per month
The quotas are extremely reasonable for any type of Audio Editor. Whether you are making remixes that are super high quality for the Audio Vault, or making Edits that serve utility for the Digital Pool, we feel the numbers in place make the most sense and should be manageable at all accounts.
Editor Agreement