These are more rules that may or may not have been covered in the other sections. Abide by them to make the best possible client experience. Abide by them to avoid confrontation with other sites like ours, your fellow editors, and termination as an Editor for the Crooklyn Clan Vault.
- Do not mistag tracks - A mis-tagged track is an improperly tagged track of any type. Clean when it's dirty, Quick Mix when it's full-length, etc.
- Do not upsample tracks - A few fake 320's and you will be discovered. If that happens you will have to remove them all and will not be paid for the downloads accumulated for said tracks.
- Do not upload edits from other editors on our site unless you are given permission by that editor FIRST.
- Do not upload edits from other websites like ours or editors working exclusively with other sites without getting permission FIRST from that editor.
- Do not overstuff "Releases" to gain extra exposure on any service of our application. - This means simply, do not offer up an entire album in a single credit download for the sake of loading yourself into visibility. This is overall not going to be effective in making you or the company money when you are giving away many tracks for a single credit. Abuse of this will lead to suspension of using the "Release" functionality in the uploader.
- Do not fail to list your original works. - No matter what you upload, listing original works is a MANDATORY procedure to ensure we cover our asses and yours for sample liabilities. We are a special service and must abide by rules that allow us to operate within the US and abroad. Part of the rules is to be CERTAIN we credit original works for each and every file uploaded to our servers. Missing original works will ultimately lead to your termination with us and is without a doubt the worst possible offense an Editor can commit.
Editor Agreement