- The uploader will only accept files that are MP3 Format, 320KBPS.
- The uploader will display fields with a red border if they are not correctly filled out.
- The uploader will not accept files that are not completely filled out.
- The tagging process can be simplified by processing your tags correctly prior to uploading. This means as much information in the right places such as BPM, Title, Artist, etc. that you fill out prior to upload, the less you will have to do during the upload process.
- BPM MUST BE CORRECT ON ANY FILE. It's up to you to determine how to count out a track. If something is half speed list it at that tempo so clients know it's meant to be played at that speed. If you are uploading a BPM Transition specifiy the details of the BPM change in the "Track Version" section like this (BPM Transition 100-130) but don't use the brackets, our system will provide them on entry.
- RELEASE YEAR MUST BE CORRECT ON ANY FILE. If you are uploading to the Audio Vault and feel you have used a combination of resources to give your track a release year of the current, put that. If you are uploading to the i12inch Pool any type of basic edit for a track THE ORIGINAL RELEASE YEAR OF THE TRACK IS MANDATORY. Use your judgement on this part, you as a DJ may be looking for 80's to drop in your set. Our system will spit 80's out if queried and it will look for the release year to do so. If you feel a track you made yesterday belongs in an 80's set, list the track by the original works release year. If you feel what you have created is brand new, follow suit.
- Do not write in all caps. All listings should be written clearly with proper grammar usage as they would on a vinyl, cd, or streaming service release. Strive to list identical to the correct way a track should be listed. This will make for a much cleaner looking presentation and database as well.
- Original Work listings do not require specifying whether or not the original work used was an instrumental, acapella, etc.. The only specification required is Artist, Title, and Track Version (not to be confused with the track type, the track version would be "Original Mix" or "Just Blaze Remix", not Acapella or Instrumental.) Original Work listings are to pay out the correct people and credit accordingly. Michael Jackson don't care if you used his acapella or instrumental, just that he's credited for usage. RIP MJ.
- Do not upload redundant tracks. If we have enough of something we don't need another version. We will become more strict with this rule as time goes by, but we understand that sometimes you will make sonic enhancements signature to your brand. When that is the case go ahead and upload your copy to the database. If we decide to investigate listings that are redundant and conclude that no major difference has been applied to the file from the other versions in the database your file will be removed from the system. We will always honor the first file by the date of release that was entered into the system unless it's sonically or otherwise inferior to a track that is the same, but released at a later date.
Editor Agreement